What is the Tuckahoe Youth Football Association?
TYF is an organization dedicated to the development of football skills in our student athletes. We focus on the students in 1st through 6th grades who reside in the Tuckahoe School boundaries. We are the football feeder program for Tuckahoe High School.

What is the Westchester County Youth Football League (WCYFL)?
WCYFL is the organization that coordinates the play between the 16+ individual youth football associations in the NY metro area. They provide the rules, the schedules and the officials for the approximately 16 teams and 500 players. For more information, see the WCYFL web site.

What is the time commitment?
Compared to other youth sports the time commitment is considerable. Tackle football begins the first week of August , hours of practices per week (time/place TBD - not including water breaks) until after Labor Day when the regular season begins. After the regular season begins, practices are limited to 6 hours of practice a week (time/place TBD - not including water breaks). In addition to practices, games will be played every Sunday which generally requires 3 - 4 hours, including travel time to/from away locations. There are normally 8 regular season games with the possibility of two or more weeks for playoffs, if the team qualifies.

Who can participate?
Any child in grades 1 through 6 .

What if I have scheduled a vacation during practice time?
If you have ANY flexibility, we highly recommend that you schedule around football season, especially in August. With TYF conditioning requirements and team division, it is very important that your player be there.

Does the Association have Insurance?
Yes, but it's secondary to your own personal insurance plan to which claims must be submitted first.