Please take time to read through the frequently asked questions and answers below. If your question is not answered, please contact our Equipment Manager, Matt Cermele via Email.

What equipment is provided?
Almost everything you need to play: Helmet, shoulder pads, practice jersey, practice pants, game jerseys, and game pants.

Do I pay a deposit for use of the equipment?

What equipment do I have to provide?
Cleated football shoes (a.k.a. "cleats"). Mouth guard, you will need to replace it as needed. If you have braces, please consult your Orthodontist for proper mouth protection. Athletic supporters and cups. You may also want to have other personal equipment such as gloves, rib guard and back plate etc. We recommend that you discuss your need for such equipment with your coach before actually purchasing it. are not required.

What kind of cleats do I need?
TYFL rules require that our players wear football cleats that are designed for youth football. They must be either a molded cleat or internally threaded shoes where no post is extending from the shoe (instead, the cleat post screws internally into the shoe). Maximum size of cleat is ½ inch (measured from tip of cleat to base of shoe). No all metal, primarily metal, or metal tipped cleats may be worn.
When and where do I get my equipment?

We will be handing equipment out in July. More information about times by grade level will be supplied as we get closer to that time of year.

Can I pick up my Equipment if I'm not yet registered?
No. You can only pick up your equipment if you are fully registered. To be fully registered you must have registered online or completed mail-in registration AND completed and returned the player contract and the medical release - mail them to our registrar. You must also be paid in full. If you do not have the forms completed, or are not paid in full, you can be fitted, but you will not be allowed to take your equipment home with you. This may impact the player's practice and playing time.

What if I can't make it to the equipment handouts?
We do ask you to make every effort to make it to this date, and the hand out date is selected to cover most families. However, if you find it impossible to attend this session, let us know as soon as possible, and we will work with you.

What if there is a problem with my equipment?
Many problems can be corrected using the tools and supplies that each team has, so contact your coach for assistance. If they cannot resolve the issue, then they will arrange to get you a replacement.

My helmet hurts, can I get a different one?
It is extremely common for your helmet to hurt your head for the first couple of weeks. They must be tight fitting in order to protect the head, and this tightness can result in some discomfort. Every effort will be made during equipment hand out to ensure a correct fit. We recommend that once you get your equipment, you wear your helmet, before camp and practice start, in order to break it in. And remember, when you wear it, pull it all the way down, hard.

You are responsible for the proper care and use of equipment provided to you. Please ensure that equipment is returned on the requested return date, is laundered and in good repair. Your attention will enable Oregon City Youth Football to control costs and provide equipment to all future participants.

Helmet Care

Try keeping your helmet clean and free of debris. You can do this by simply wiping with a damp cloth. NEVER use abrasive cleaners or solvents to clean helmet. The WESTCHESTER COUNTY Youth Football Equipment Manager has a special helmet cleaning solutions if a damp cloth will not work.

Always inspect your helmet - paying particular attention to the fasteners that attach the facemask and chin strap. If the helmet appears damaged in any way - IMMEDIATELY show your Coach . NEVER play or participate in contact drills with a damaged helmet.

Wash & Care Instructions for Jerseys

COLD WATER WASH, please. And wash them separately from other garments. Keep whites and colors apart.
DO NOT DRY CLEAN OR PRESS garments. This will discolor the fabric.
Do not allow perspiration soaked or muddy garments to lie in a pile or rest on top of each other for any period of time. Launder them immediately if they really, really need it. However, it is not necessary to launder after every wearing. Simply hang them on a plastic or wooden hanger until the next day of practice. DO NOT OVER-WASH.
DO NOT use chlorine bleach. DO NOT use fabric softeners. DO NOT soak the jersey. Softeners deteriorate garments and act as a magnet to dirt.
Use MILD powdered detergent. Detergents with pH under 10 are recommended for athletic uniforms. Powdered detergents are recommended for athletic colors.
REMOVE garments from the machine immediately after washing. This will help avoid color bleeding, particularly on color blocked garments.
Air Dry

Allow the game jersey to AIR DRY. Line Drying is recommended.
Be sure the jersey is completely dry before storing.
ONCE again, COLD WASH and AIR DRYING are the best way to launder these jerseys so that they stay looking new!