How are different grades grouped?
Tackle players are assigned to one of two divisions based on the school grade level they are entering in the fall:
• 5th and 6th grades
• 3rd and 4th grades
How many players are on a team?
This depends on the number of players registered to play, but no more than 24.
How are coaches selected?
Prospective volunteer coaches must complete an application and background check. A coaching committee comprised of TYF Board members, will then review and select Head Coaches. Assistant coaches are selected by the head coach, usually from among parents of their players who have expressed an interest in volunteering. No coaching positions are guaranteed and all coaches are subject to a background check.
Do I have to try out?
No. As long as your registration is complete and paid, and you are not on a waiting list, you will be placed on a team. However, each student athlete must attend assessments during August.
Can any player carry the ball?
No, there are weight limitations per grade level as pertaining to the ball carrier position. Weight restrictions as of 2016 are as follows:

3rd/4th: 95 Pounds
5th/6th: 115 Pounds

What size football do the different levels use?
Football size for the 3rd/4th grade teams and the 5th/6th grade teams will be the junior size football. Flag football for the 1st/2nd grade team will use the pee-wee size football.

What are the scoring values?
The scoring values for games are as follows:

Touchdown: 6 points
Point after (run): 1 point
Point after (kick): 2 points
Safety: 2 points
Field Goal: 3 points
Forfeit (offended team wins) 1- 0