Flag Football - Grades* 1st - 2nd
(*entering these grades in the fall)
Registration Fees:
$125 per player

PRACTICES/GAMES: Practices will start the week of August 13th with games SUNDAY mornings in September and October.
PLAYERS NEED: Mouth guard and cleats.
LEAGUE PROVIDES: Balls, flags, jersey/t-shirt.
• Team roster: Minimum- 10 / Maximum – 20 / subject to league schedule and availability of qualified coaches.
• A game consists of two teams of 8 players on each side of the ball.
Game Start / Time:
• Coin flip will determine offense / defense in 1st half with opposing team selecting 2nd half.
• Each game will comprise of 2 halves of 30 minutes running time per half / Halftime will not exceed 10 minutes.
• The coaches will agree on who keeps time.
• Game Ball (K2 or equivalent) will be placed on the 30 yard line to begin play.
• 2 coaches will be allowed on the field for each team, but must be quiet once the play begins.

Permitted Formations:
• Balanced Line – 5 players on line of scrimmage / 2 on each side of the Center.
• All linemen, must get into a three-point stance
• Backs - 3 players in the backfield / QB plus 2 running backs.
• Motion is NOT permitted.
• No Split Ends allowed

• Balanced Line – 4 players on line of scrimmage head up to offensive line with center uncovered.
• Backs must be at least 3 yards behind the deepest lineman / 1 yard when backed up to your own 10 yard line.
• Defense line may cross the line of scrimmage after the referee either yells “GO”. This will occur right after the handoff or
he will count 3 seconds and then yell “GO” if it is a pass. The defensive backs may not move forward until the word “GO”
• DBs may not move forward prior to the snap and cannot blitz.

• Blocking will begin right away on a pass or run. If it is a pass, the referee counts to three prior to the defensive rush. If it is a run, the referee will yell “go” right away and the defense will rush.
• All blocking must be done with open hands / no drive or shoulder blocks.
• A blocker must stay on his or her feet at all times / no rolling or flying blocks
• No blocking below the waist or above the neck, and no blocking in the back.
• No blocking a player out of bounds.

Advancing the Ball:
• The ball shall be placed in the middle of the field between the hash marks for every play.
• Center must snap the ball between the legs. Shotgun is permitted.
• The ball may not be run between the offensive tackles / 5 yards on either side of the center.
• Only 2 tight ends and 2 backs are eligible receivers. Receivers need only 1 foot in bounds for a completed catch.
• Dual possession goes to the offense at the spot.
• A ball carrier cannot lower his or her head, stiff arm or otherwise protect his or her flag. The ball carrier can also not spin or hurdle a defender
• Each team has 4 downs to advance the ball into the next zone and begin a new series. Once a team enters
a new zone, it is a first down and a new series begins. The ball touching a line is the determining factor in measurement
• Failure to advance shall result in loss of possession at the spot.

Dead Balls: The play shall be dead as soon as:
• The ball touches the ground from the center, QB, running back, or receiver. No fumble recoveries.
• The ball carrier’s body, other than hand or foot, touches the ground.
• The ball carrier is missing a flag or blocks a defensive player from grabbing the flag.

• A defensive player cannot tackle, hold, push, pull or grab an offensive player or ball carrier.
• A defensive player can push a blocker sideways to get to the ball carrier, but not in the back or to the ground.
• A defensive player cannot jump over or hurdle an offensive player to get to the ball carrier.

All penalties like holding, clipping, and interference should be called only if they affect the play. Penalties should only be 5 yards. If the penalty does not affect the play, the player should be told why it is a penalty and allow play to continue. A repeated infraction by the same player should prompt a lesson on the sideline for that player. After the first infraction by a player, the referee can either penalize the infraction by moving the ball back 5 yards or have the coach sit player for series of downs.
Scoring / Special Rules:
• Touchdown - 7 points / Safety – 2 points. No extra points. Tie games end in ties, and everyone goes home happy!!
• Halftime Change of Possession: if a team trails by 14 points at halftime, the trailing team receives the ball to start.Penalties (Off-sides, holding, etc.) should only be called if they affect the outcome of the play.